If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, go together.
(African proverb)

Longstanding experience has proven that coping with a task like ours cannot be done single-handedly.
You need strong partners, a lot of support and many helping hands.

The federal assiciation paediatric neurology aid (registered association) is not only the founder of savemybrain, its investments also provide the financial basis of it.


We found a strong (primary) partner in ABUS. ABUS has taken up the cause of safety for nearly a century and they are taking their responsibility very seriously. ABUS so much values the safety of our heads – especially those of our children and adolescents – that they strongly supported us financially with the foundation of savemybrain.

We can trust in the financial as well as non-material support of savemybrain’s „primary partners“. We would not be able to pursue our goals in prevention and aftercare of head injuries tot he current extent if we did not have their support.

Nevertheless – it is still a long way and we are searching for more supporters so that our children’s and adolescents‘ heads may reach their aims as healthily as possible.

cooperation partners

By means of good cooperation with partners like hospitals, rehabilitation clinics or counselling centres we can promote the right know-how with the adequate measures and reach a lot this way.

In the area of prevention, the nationwide prevention and charity project „Stadthelm“ (city helmet) was developed by the federal association paediatric neurology (registered association) together with the communication agency pars pro toto gmbh and ABUS as a business partner. By a close linking of all cooperation partners we have been successful in making the topic of „wearing a helmet voluntarily“ publicly known on a national and international basis.

Meanwhile there is a specific product on offer, the safe and stylish „Stadthelm“. Additionally, it can be found with its individualised printing in more than 170  German cities.


We are more than happy to be able to count ob these cooperation partners.



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