You see things and ask, 'Why?'
But I dream of things that never were,
and I say, 'Why not?'

-  George Bernard Shaw

The history of the savemybrain foundation started in December 2018, but the beginning of our work can be dated back to 1985.

The Kinderneurologie-Hilfe M√ľnster e.V., previously founded as a parents' association. (KNH) has been committed to the interests of neurologically ill children and their families for more than 30 years. The foundation stone for counseling children and adolescents and their families after acquired brain damage had been laid. But the goals were set higher. In addition to counseling, we pursued the vision of improving aftercare for children and adolescents with craniocerebral injuries and raising public awareness of the consequences of brain damage. After successfully establishing a NRW-wide network of counseling facilities, the founding of the Bundesverband Kinderneurologie-Hilfe e.V. in 2011 was the logical consequence to establish the expansion of counseling services nationwide. In addition to the increase in counseling services and the networking of supraregional counseling centers, the topic of prevention also became the focus of the work. The charity project "Stadthelm" (city helmet), initiated by Kinderneurologie-Hilfe e.V., developed into a nationwide pioneer of the topic "voluntary helmet wearing" - a measure to reduce head injuries after bicycle accidents. The success of this campaign and the by then well-established aftercare for children and young people after head injuries eventually led to the establishment of the savemybrain foundation. This serves as the highest authority to ensure the counseling services and the expansion of the care network.

Our history

With the establishment of the foundation, a strong basis has been created...

  • to optimize the quality of aftercare following acute care,

  • to promote projects in the areas of prevention and aftercare

  • and to organize networking with other project sponsors.

The Foundation operates at both the national and international levels.

Foundation Kinderneurologie-Hilfe e.V.