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A book that gives us strength

No matter how bad the situation is - there is a way out - 13 Golden Lives of 13 Paralympic Athletes

This book has a single purpose! It is to encourage, inspire and help people!
Last week, Hans-Peter Durst (ambassador of the savemybrain foundation) presented Gesa Wietholt with a copy of his newly published book "No matter how shitty the situation is - there is always a way out".
It describes 13 different stories of heroines and heroes who speak impressively about situations they have mastered heroically.  Each of this stories, in its own way, has the potential to change someone's life! Depending on where you are in life, you are sure to find a paragraph, a story or even several interviews that will enrich your life and change it for the better.
Be inspired and encouraged!

As a gift or courage maker for each of us self. Click here for the book...

PS: Do good by the way:
All earings from the book, purchased via the link above, will be donated by Mr. Durst one to one to the "VORTOURderHoffnung" - for the benefit of children suffering from cancer and in need of help. Great initiative!