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In deep mourning, we bid farewell to Gesa Wietholt, our highly esteemed CEO and co-founder of the Save my Brain Foundation.

You were the driving force and creative head

You never let yourself be diverted from your course

You were able to inspire and convince people

You always burned for the cause

You leave a big gap

You are missing

With great consternation and sadness we had to say goodbye to

Gesa Wietholt

our highly esteemed chairwoman and co-founder of the Save my Brain Foundation.

For nearly 40 years, she worked to help people with cranial brain injuries.

Based on a developed aftercare and prevention offer, the federal association was founded in 2011, with many competent supporters, with the aim of establishing the help offer nationwide. This was followed by the Save my Brain Foundation, founded in 2018, which serves to improve the living situation of people with craniocerebral injuries, prevention and aftercare of head injuries.

Gesa has dedicated herself to these tasks with all her strength, heart and mind.

We will remember her with deep gratitude.
Board of Directors, Foundation Council and Board of Trustees
Stiftung Save my Brain