´He who acts where others talks gets ahead in life.´
- ascribed to John F. Kennedy

When suddenly everything is different...

After a head injury, the world of those affected and their families is turned completely upside down.

The need for counseling and support for families with patients with craniocerebral injuries is particularly great, and not only during the initial, extremely difficult period. the need remains during the rehabilitation phase and the subsequent transition to the home environment. WWhats more, many difficulties often arise in which the families are dependent on qualified assistance.

Finding their way through the jungle of existing care structures is very difficult for affected families. Assistance in finding the right contacts, doctors and therapists is just as important as support in emotional and organizational matters.

At this point we are there for the families

savemybrain provides sponsorships to get peoplewith an aquired brain injury the help they need.

The support can refer to all measures that benefit the patients and their relatives in the acute phase, in the rehabilitation phase and in everyday life. One of savemybrain's concerns is the expansion of the network of specialized counseling centers that support them, e.g. ...


  • as guides in the health care system
  • in the time-consuming formalities with the cost bearers
  • in organizing everyday life in extreme situations / under the new, more difficult circumstances
  • as a competent contact person in all questions and life situations
  • in organizing the transition to the home environment, including arranging for necessary therapies
  • at home, in consultation with attending doctors
  • in establishing contact with schools that match the needs of the child
  • in the placement of pedagogical /psychological services


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