How a walk changes one´s life dramatically...

Ida was out with her two-years-older brother and her grandfather. The curious two-year-old disappeared in an unobserved moment and was found a little later by her brother covered in blood in a cow´s pasture: A cow had rammed a horn into little Ida's head. Ida was taken to the nearest hospital and then transported by helicopter to a nearby university hospital. Her life was hanging on a thread, and the doctors did not give her much chance of survival during the several hours of surgery.

Although omerely two percent of those patients suffering a traumatic cranio-cerebral injury survive, Ida recovered quite quickly. She awoke from the coma after two days and was back home after three weeks. From a medical point of view, the recovery went well. However, it was obvious Ida would never return to her old, carefree life. Even though she had to wear a Plexiglas helmet permanently since the accident, everyone was sure that she had gotten off fairly lightly once again.

That was until her mother noticed more and more how much Ida's nature had changed. Ida, who used to be rather sleepy, became a permanently active, restless girl who would talk incessantly and would sleep just two hours a night. Her motor skills had also changed for the worse. Experts described Ida as having ADHD symptoms, without recognizing the late effects of the brain injury.

All family members are suffering from the unsettled situation. In addition, the brother is traumatized by the image of Ida covered in blood, wets the bed again and exhibits speech disorders.
The mother only functions for her children and suffers from the lack of sleep, while the father is fully committed to his job.

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