"I will be right back..."

... Felix calls out to his mother as he rides his bike to a friend's house. On the way, he falls ion a curb and lies motionless on the road. The parents find Felix with a serious head injury - he was not wearing a helmet.

The emergency doctor treats Felix at the scene of the accident and takes him to the nearest hospital. Besides bruises and fractures, the head injury is the real problem. After an emergency operation, Felix remains unconscious for several days. It is not until a week later that he is responsive again, but disoriented and restless, unaware of what happened in the accident.

The doctors arrange for him to be transferred to a pediatric neurological rehabilitation clinic about 100 km from his home.
Felix is to regain his abilities and functions there through intensive training.

Felix has to spend a total of nine months in the rehabilitation facility. Although he makes small progress every day, he has to accept setbacks over and over again. A new phase of life has begun for him, his parents and his siblings.

In addition to caring for Felix, the new living circumstances and the challenges they came with pushed the family to the end of their tether. The parents took turns with Felix's companionship during the rehab stay. At home, the siblings were cared for by friends, neighbors and relatives.

Felix has relearned many things over time, but impairments have remained that completely change his everyday life. For example, despite being in hospital school, he was unable to catch up with his former classmates and could not return to his old school.


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