"A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."

- Yoko Ono

Visions are visions until someone puts them into practice.

100,000 head injuries to be treated in children and adolescents per each year is too many. One of our aims is to significantly reduce this number.

Whether through prevention or improved aftercare, there are a great number of things that can be done better. And that's exactly what we're adressing.
We do this by initiating our own projects, entering into collaborations and supporting third-party projects.

Raise the curtain...
... these are our projects

Heimatliebe - Kopfsache - Füreinander
A prevention project that educates about the dangers of head injuries and inspires voluntary helmet use.

Whether you're on your way to work, shopping or on a bike tour - as a cyclist, you're usually moving along local paths. And you do so with a passion for your movement, your nature and your home. The city helmet is an expression of this passion. With the individual lettering of your city on the visor, it shows where you are at home!

Cycling with or without a helmet - the decision is yours. In addition to the reduced risk of injury, everything else speaks for the city helmet: With its strikingly safe trademark, it is particularly visible. The high-mounted luminous orange triangle can even be seen by truck drivers. Low weight, perfect fit and good ventilation, as well as the Fidlock magnetic closure that can be opened with one hand, ensure pleasant wearing comfort - so that the city helmet also lands on your head. Only then can he reduce the consequences of a possible head injury.

For each other
With the city helmet you not only protect your head. You're also doing something for a good cause. Because the city helmet is not just a helmet, but also a prevention project that actively educates the public about the dangers and prevention of head injuries. As a city helmet wearer, you are a role model - and thus part of this prevention work! But that's not all: With a part of the purchase price you automatically support our foundation savemybrain.

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"Mit Helm - aber sicher!" – is the name of our prevention project on voluntary helmet wearing provided by the Kinderneurologie-Hilfe Berlin/Brandenburg for school classes from the sevens grade onwards.

Together with various project partners, we designed a one-week program and have been running it in schools in Berlin and Brandburg since 2015.


With great success - the association Aktion Kinder-Unfallhilfe e.V. awarded the project the Red Knight in 2018.

The Clemenshospital in Münster is planning a "temporary home" - the ´Pelikanhaus´, in which families of seriously sick children are given the opportunity to be close to their afflicted child during the very stressful periods of hospitalization.


We at the savemybrain foundation see this approach as an important contribution to the healing possibilities of the child and to coping with the crisis situation as a family.

Accidents can not always avoided, but those that can must be prevented. That's why we invest in prevention. Because prevention is better than cure
Even if we cannot prevent all accidents from happening, we want at least try keep the damage to our most valuable body part aas a minimum - all in accordance with our foundations name.

Why we are able to do that?

Because we can trust in outstanding professional expertisee. Many experts from the medical / neurological field belong to the ranks of our foundation. Our project and cooperation partners work professionally in the field of head injuries and traumatic brain injuries affectingchildren and adolescents.

You have a project idea?

Please contact us. We'll look forward if we can help you make it happen.

We count on the helmet

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"Mit Helm aber sicher"

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Pelikanhaus - "a temporary home"

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