"Measure not the work until the day┬┤s out and the labor done"
- Elizabeth Barret Browning

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What are your common targets with the foundation?

"Together with my foundation colleagues and members of the foundation committees, it is a particular goal of ours and mine to permanently improve the situation of affected people through good lobbying, financial support and stimulation of research projects relevant to the topic and necessary public relations. Likewise, it is our concern to advance projects that significantly minimize the dangers in everyday life of suffering a head injury."

(Gesa Wietholt, Foundation Board)

What are your common targets with the foundation?

"I hope that with savemybrain, we can find a quick way to create a drop-in center for affected patients and their families in every state and fund it for the long term."

(Dr. Ingo Schmehl, Hospital director, clinic for neurology with stroke unit and early rehabilitation, `Unfallkrankenhaus` Berlin)